I Will Buy Your Entire Childhood Redline Collection

CONTACT eMail: smokeyz1@yahoo.com

My Buying Policy

I am especially looking for the individual models and colors listed below and I am also looking for any casting/color listed in WHITE text in the redline index along the left side of this page.

I am always looking to buy Near Mint or better Redline Hot Wheel collections. "Redline" Hot Wheels are easily identified by the red stripe around each of the tires. If you have a Redline Hot Wheel collection that you wish to sell, please send group pictures of your redline cars by clicking the eMail Me button below and attach the pictures to the eMail. If the "eMail Me" button does not work for you, you can manually send emails to smokeyz1@yahoo.com.

If we can agree to a price for your Collection, I will ask to inspect the Hot Wheels in person before making the final payment. We can make arrangements on how to do this based on how close we are to each other.

If you are not sure how to grade your Hot Wheels, click this link to see a detailed description of How to grade your Hot Wheels.

Redlines I Need for my Personal Collection


Evil Weevil - Purple
Sugar Caddy - Magenta
Boss Hoss - Rose or Pink


Classic Cord - Ice Blue or Salmon Pink
Classic 57 T-Bird - Copper or Yellow


Custom Camaro - White Enamel
Custom Corvette - Yellow or Creamy Pink
Custom Cougar - Brown
Custom Fleetside - Copper
Custom Barracuda - Rose
Custom Firebird - Creamy Pink
Custom Volkswagon - Yellow


Olds 442 - Purple, Light Blue or Salmon Pink
Bye-Focal - Ice Blue or Yellow
Rolls Royce - Orange, Hot Pink, Purple
Maserati Mistral - Olive
AMX/2 - Salmon Pink

Below are more of my personal collection: